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Please route your visitation requests through our receptionist with a minimum of 24-hours advance notice. Cindy Romines is available at 706-866-4443, M-F- 8:30am -5:00pm.

Please schedule visits (see visit type below) between 9:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Please note that Breakfast hours last till 9:00am, Lunch is between 12:00-1:00pm every day, and Dinner starts at 5:00pm.

We request that you follow the visitation protocols to allow us to coordinate any resident departures and returns. This will enable the staff to better serve our residents.

A. Window Visits
For those residents who have ground floor apartment windows that are facing outward, visitors may come to that window, and use their phones to communicate if applicable.

B. Outdoor Visitation
Visits for non-symptomatic and COVID-negative residents are available, weather permitting, can be scheduled at specified patio tables.

C. Indoor Visitation
Provided all protocols are followed as stated and includes the following:

Limit of two visitors at one time, we suggest that visits be limited to 1 hour each visit; it is recommended that any visitor (not vaccinated) who comes more than once a week be rapid tested or provide test results within the last 2–3 days.

Follow all hygiene protocols.

Failure to follow recommended protocol may result in visitor being asked to leave.

D. Off Property Visitation

Family and friends may take residents on visits outside the facility. The POA will need to authorize and communicate with all family and friends procedures for off-site visitation. It is highly recommended that these off property visits maintain the highest mitigation protocols possible­­— i.e. mask at all times, social distancing, hand sanitization, vehicle sanitization prior to pick up. We also suggest that these visits, when possible, occur during the recommended hours. If that is not acceptable, please make your request 24 hours in advance to our receptionist so arrangements can be made. Please be mindful that any extended visit will need to be coordinated to ensure that all meds are administered in a timely manner. We suggest short trips when possible. Many other events occur during each day, such as laundry, shower assist, and dressing, all of which happen on a schedule for the benefit of the residents. Any change in the routine may result in changes to those activities being performed in an appropriate/timely manner.

Ideally visitation is recommended after resident has been vaccinated for a minimum of two weeks, and with all visitors also having been vaccinated.

Abbott BINAX Rapid Testing can be provided for those visitors who have not been vaccinated, and it will take approximately 15 minutes for test results to become available. Tests will be administered by a Rosewood nurse in the lobby before entering the community, please coordinate this request with our receptionist at the front desk.

Compassionate Care visits for Families/POA’s can be arranged for the following situations: a resident is struggling to adapt to the community life, recent grief loss, weight loss, dehydration, and exhibiting signs of emotional distress, clergy can also be included in this situation. In these scenarios, families are still expected to follow all health protocols.

Non-Medical & Medical Trips from the Community

Residents must wear surgical masks, transporting driver must wear a mask, transport vehicle will be sanitized between trips, and any noticed symptoms will require screening multiple times daily for 14 days.