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With New Year’s resolutions buzzing, we reflect at the outstanding year we’ve had and the new year just around the corner. We look ahead to meeting the new residents that will join our Rosewood family in 2017. For many, the new year may deliver a surprising lifestyle change with the move into an assisted home community. To reduce the chance of an unplanned move, professionals advise that it’s never too early to begin planning for the years to come, particularly for those who do not conform to the idea of senior retirement. In this month’s blog topic, we will discover the three methods to assist older seniors and loved ones conquer objections to senior care, in addition to solutions for attaining family peace.

1. Do Research: Research options in advance before discussing the option of assisted living with parents who object to senior care. Despite defensive feelings concerning senior care, an older senior family member is much more likely to respond better to tough topics, if framed correctly. With enough information from a health practitioner or senior care professional, this may, in turn, persuade your senior loved ones to consider the recommended care. Upon researching, do remember: Discussing Senior Care with Parents

  • Consider your loved one’s needs
  • Closely observe their health and physical appearance
  • Seek council with a professional

2. Do Provide Multiple Choices: This will allow your senior loved ones to choose the best care option that works for them, while feeling less pressured when the time comes to transition. Following your research, present them with several alternatives. Introduce the topic by explaining your worries about the senior continuing to stay in their home, lacking the necessary care. Senior care professionals say to stay positive in the conversation by keeping the dialogue brief and concise. Tip: List the pros and cons of each alternative with your loved ones. Discussing these will assist you when selecting the right senior care choice for you and your loved one. Although the senior may not have a real choice about moving to Assisted Living, he or she will certainly appreciate giving input into which community is preferred.

3. Do Display Understanding and Sensitivity: It’s absolutely common for seniors to voice their reservations about assisted living. When discussing senior living, do not pressure senior loved ones to decide quickly. Also, have patience in the process, as an answer will probably not occur immediately. If not, conflicts can occur and family members can find themselves speaking down to each other instead of listening. Senior care professional Debra Feldman recommends having understanding and patience in instances when decisions take time to agree upon.

The conversation of assisted retirement living and estate planning is never easy, but afterwards, it can be a great relief to have it planned for the unexpected situations that can arise. While dismissing the subject may seem less difficult in order to keep the peace, loved ones should always approach difficult conversations to senior loved ones that may require additional care. If you are attempting to convincing a senior parent to the notion of senior care, do not disguise any plans from them. It’s important to be open, honest, and sincere throughout the stages of senior care planning. If not, they’ll sense that they are under forced migration. To avoid this, consider including them in each step, if possible. We recommend visiting the assisted living community, going to an open house event, or scheduling an appointment with one of our senior placement professionals. If you decide to learn more about your senior care options with The Rosewood at Fort Oglethorpe, our consultants are always available to you and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We would be happy to have you with us and to welcome you into our Rosewood family.

Written by: Katie Hanley