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Why Choose Us for Assisted Living Near Me

Benefits of GA Care for TN Residents

If you’re looking for ‘assisted living near me’ for a family member or for yourself, consider the Rosewood. There are many factors to consider when seeking an assisted living community. You want to feel assured that the community you choose has the best amenities, a great environment and sense of community, and of course, access to the best possible care for those who need it. Some senior residents are in a position where they need a little more assistance with their day-to-day activities than others, and for those particular residents, it’s even more critical to understand some of the differences between facilities.

Many potential residents are unaware of the fact that the care administered within assisted living facilities is governed by state licensing regulations, which of course vary– sometimes widely– from state to state. The differences in regulations that govern practices concerning this care can really come into play with residents who require certain services, like help with eating or moving around from place to place. There are two major differences between facilities in Tennessee and facilities in Georgia that are worth highlighting, one being regulations surrounding helping residents with feeding and the other help with transferring. At our community near Chattanooga, your loved one can have the benefit of receiving GA care, without foregoing proximity to the city, family, and all the things the Chattanooga area has to offer.

Feeding Residents

Tennessee state regulations stipulates that caregivers cannot feed residents within assisted living facilities. They can help cut up food, or load a fork, but they cannot physically lead a resident’s hand to feed himself/herself, nor can they actively spoon food into a resident’s mouth who is unable to manage the task unless they are under the direct support of Hospice personnel.

This regulation is different in Georgia. At our assisted living community in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, our caregivers and staff are free to help any resident who needs assistance with feeding. You can rest assured that if you or your loved one needs this type of assistance, it is accessible to them at Rosewood under Georgia state regulations. Our caregivers can provide support from cueing and up to feeding a person completely from the time they enter our community to end of life, care you need at the time you need it.

Assistance with Transferring

Another point of differentiation between Georgia and Tennessee assisted living facilities is transferring. Transferring– helping a resident move from one place to another, get out of bed, get onto or off the commode– is something that in the state of Tennessee, only one staff member can assist with at a time. This can pose problems for some residents, particularly those who require more assistance with their activities of daily living than others.

In Georgia, however, regulations provide for what is referred to as a “multiple-person assist,” meaning that in necessary situations, up to three staff members can provide assistance in the transferring of a resident. Also in Georgia, the use of a hoyer lift or a “patient lift” is permissible, while in Tennessee facilities it is not. Safe and easy transfer that minimizes potential injury to both the resident and caregiver.

Full Scope of Care

Ultimately, the major takeaway here is that at our Georgia community, we operate under regulations that allow us to provide more involved care to our residents who require it. As we are located in North Georgia, we’re close enough to Tennessee, only minutes away from the Chattanooga area, able to accommodate residents from our neighboring state, only we are confident in our ability to serve them more fully here at Rosewood.

Why Choose The Rosewood at Fort Oglethorpe

For over 20 years, we’ve provided Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia seniors with an exceptional retirement living experience. Here are just a few reasons why Rosewood Retirement Community is the perfect choice for you and your loved one.

Close to Chattanooga

Enjoy the benefits of receiving quality care under Georgia laws, while reaping the benefits of living in such close proximity to Chattanooga. The beautiful Scenic City is overflowing with natural beauty, amazing shopping, great restaurants, and attractions like the Tennessee Aquarium, and more. You or your loved one is sure to love the area.

If you have family in Chattanooga, but want access to the full scope of resident care that a retirement community in Georgia can offer, the Rosewood is just the place for you! Chattanooga families, maybe you’ve been on the search for a wonderful assisted living community for a senior family member? The Rosewood provides the perfect setting for a full, active lifestyle, an accepting community of friendly residents and helpful staff members, and a calendar teeming with activities and outings to Chattanooga favorites across the city.

Helping you through the process

It can be difficult to transition from the comforts and familiarity of home to a retirement community. Our friendly and compassionate staff will be with you and your loved ones throughout the process. We work to understand each individuals needs, abilities and interests to create a care plan and environment in which they will feel comfortable and thrive.

Active, engaged & entertained

Our Activity Directors plan daily events to help your loved one stay active, engaged and entertained. The atmosphere at Rosewood fosters community and social interaction, helping to instill a sense of belonging.

More than just a resident

Your loved ones are not just residents at a retirement community. They are part of our Rosewood family and should be treated as such. Caring for your loved ones is an honor and privilege, and we do our best to provide the highest quality of care.

The best of both worlds

We offer the best of both worlds. We provide the care and assistance your loved one needs, while respecting their independence and preferences.

We adapt our levels of care

As your loved one’s needs change, we adapt our levels of care to continually provide the assistance they need. We are a continuing care community, which means we are able to provide all the care they may need in one location.

Individualized care

We understand that each situation and person is unique. Therefore, we provide the highest quality, individualized care specific to each resident’s needs.

Tour the community, meet the staff and see why we are the next best thing to home.