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Not far from Rosewood’s serene Fort Oglethorpe campus is an old building in Chattanooga that used to be a nightclub. Painted on the brick wall is the old logo, reading “The Retired Men Den.” While the club has long since been closed, it does offer a sense of community and fellowship that so many retirees seek. If retirement is leaving you feeling more tired than inspired, here are a few tips for fully enjoying a North Georgia assisted living communities Retirement Living experience.

Find Fellowship

We often find ourselves looking forward to retirement for years, even decades. Then when it comes, we realize what a big change it really is. Without work, children, and old routines to fill the hours of the day, that time can make one feel a little lonely or overwhelmed. That’s why it’s so important to find a sense of community during this season of life. Fellowship can come in the form of a senior living community like Rosewood, as well as many other outlets. These may include social groups, like the veteran VFW Post 3679 – Fort Oglethorpe, GA, local politics, such as the Resident Council, or religious services and gatherings. Other seniors like to find community by moving closer to family or using social media to connect with far-flung friends that have lost touch over the years. The possibilities are endless to find fellowship and friendship!

Try Something You Never Had Time For

It’s so easy to get caught up in a daily routine and not have time for the exciting hobbies and interests that appeal to you. The wonderful thing about retirement is now having the chance to enjoy all kinds of new things. Perhaps you wish you’d had more time to read and learn in the past—now is your chance to get a pile of books from the local library, take a course at a nearby community college, or get involved in the nearby literary scene with events hosted by the Southern Literature Alliance. Perhaps you want to learn more about photography, gardening, architecture, jewelry making, or models. Lifelong learning can be a wonderful way to enrich your golden years. Or perhaps it’s satisfying to simply slow down and spend more time with your loved ones. The first step is contemplating what will make you happy.

Keep Moving

Fort Oglethorpe seniors cycling.If you’re feeling more tired than inspired, perhaps it’s because you’ve slowed down a little too much! Activity is key to feeling younger, and can produce endorphins that help you stay upbeat and alert. After years behind a desk, perhaps the thing you need is a morning walk, time spent in the garden, cycling in the park, a fishing trip, or even fitness classes like yoga or senior aerobics. You’ll want to tailor your activities to your health and doctor’s advice, of course, but now is your time for recreation and fun!

Give Back

If you miss the routine of work, or simply the feeling of productivity you had when you were in a more hectic phase of life, volunteer work might be just what you need. Opportunities abound, such as at the nearby Chickamauga Battlefield, at the YMCA, at the local library, or for nearby polling places. Museums, schools, and theaters often need volunteers, and in return you will connect with rich cultural opportunities and people of all ages. You might find out that by volunteering you end up getting as much out of the experience as you give!


Perhaps you have a backlog of photo prints and negatives that need organizing, or have always wanted to write down the story of how you met your spouse, of your military service, or an interesting trip you took. Journaling, scrapbooking, or genealogy projects can be wonderful ways to preserve your history, learn something new, and connect with family members. It can be a wonderful memory exercise, too, to revisit years past by going through old yearbooks, postcards, and letters. Plus, you’ll be ensuring the family memorabilia is preserved for future generations to cherish.

If you feel a little adrift in retirement or isolated at home, it may be time to consider a Senior Living Community that can help you take advantage of what a wonderful time of life retirement can be! Rosewood offers a full calendar of activities both on site and off for a variety of interests. We’re here to create a safe, caring community that puts the happiness of our residents as a top priority. If you’re ready to go from tired to inspired, call 706.866.4443 and start your journey with us!

Written by: Meghan O’Dea