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Fun decor is a great way to help you get in the holiday spirit! When you add small touches to your living space that sparkle and shine, it can be an instant mood lifter. So what will you do to decorate your space for the holiday season? We’ve got a few ideas that might help inspire you!

1– Arrange a wintery bouquet!
When you’re decorating a small space, sometimes there just isn’t room for a Christmas tree. So get creative with it. Arrange a small wintery bouquet with greenery, ornaments, and the like for a makeshift tree.

2– Add a simple poinsettia.
Classic. Traditional. Beautiful. The poinsettia is a timeless holiday tradition. Add one or two to your space for an instant Christmasy makeover. These flowers also make great gifts for friends and fellow residents to help brighten their days!

3– String up some twinkle lights!
Add a little twinkle to your room for the holidays. You’d be surprised at the warm holiday glow that can be created with a few strands of lights. String them across your curtain rods, or over bookshelves to help set that holiday mood.

christmas and holidays concept - paper snowflake decoration hanging on window
4– Make paper snowflakes.
Easy and fun, making white paper snowflakes is a seasonal pastime that yields inexpensive yet elegant decorations. We don’t get much snow in the south, so we can make our own! You can easily hang them up around your space with string and tape.

5– Think wreaths.
Wreaths are classically Christmas, but you can make them out of all sorts of things other than garlands and tinsel. You can also get creative about where you hang them. Wreaths don’t have to just be reserved for the front door. Hang small wreaths on the backs of dining chairs or even on your kitchen cabinets for fun, holiday flair.

No matter how you decorate, we hope you enjoy this time– the most wonderful time of the year. Find little ways to make your holiday season bright, and share that merriment with your friends and neighbors at The Rosewood at Fort Oglethorpe.