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Robotic Pets for Seniors ChattanoogaCompanionship is a critical part of the human experience, and the companionship you can find through interactions with pets holds a special power. The evidence to support how beneficial the companionship of a pet is, specifically for seniors, is also undeniable. That said, real pets require a level of care that can sometimes be taxing and even a deterrent for some. But what if all those same benefits were available without the responsibility that comes with pet ownership?

No Vet Visits– Simply Joy

These Joy for All companion pets are designed specifically to bring comfort, companionship, and stimulating fun to seniors. These fun mechanical cats and dogs were created for convenience and ease of care paired with technology to create positive experiences.

Hasbro’s Ageless Innovation

In 2015, Hasbro’s Joy For All Ageless Innovation brand launched the Companion Pet Cats, and the positive impact these products were making on older adults was difficult to ignore. Testimonials flooded in from caregivers on the positive impact these companion pet cats were having on isolation, loneliness, and all forms of cognitive decline. This feedback buoyed up what the Hasbro team had always suspected– that the power of play was relevant in every stage of life, and their robotic pets for seniors were a great avenue by which to facilitate this.

The next year, the Companion Pet Pup was introduced, expanding this product line further. The Joy for All brand continued to rapidly grow within the longevity market, also earning many industry awards which validated the impact the products were having on seniors living both independently and in care communities. Bringing the interactive companionship, happiness, and purpose associated with pet ownership without the responsibility continues to be key to Ageless Innovation’s success in this area.

Benefits of Robotic Pets for Seniors Chattanooga

Loneliness can be an issue for older adults, with a 2018 survey finding that about one-third of adults over the age of 45 feel lonely. Also, more than 20% of people age 60 or older are affected by neurological and mental disorders like dementia, which can trigger depression, anxiety, and other cognitive problems. Other research has linked interaction with animals and animal-assisted therapy with improvements in mood and quality of life for seniors, including those who battle dementia and memory-related disorders.

Potential benefits to seniors, including seniors with dementia are:

  1. Increased food intake
  2. Reduction in anxiety, depression, irritability, and loneliness
  3. Encouraged social interaction
  4. General fun and enjoyment

At Regency, we witness firsthand the positive impact interaction with animals – both living and mechanical – can have on seniors and particularly on memory care residents. And furthermore, these robotic pets for seniors can bring joy to their lives, boost their spirits, encourage them to interact more with others, and even reduce stress. Within our Memory Care programs, we are always looking for new and creative ways to support our residents, and animal-assisted therapy is one great way for us to achieve that.