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December- Employee of the Month

Katie is a CNA and worked in Memory Care for three years. She administers medicine to residents, makes sure to call in refills, handles other administrative tasks, and supervises the other care staff. We chose Katie as our Employee of the Month because of her great work ethic, awesome attitude, and positivity. She is a team player, speaks to everyone with kindness and respect, and is great with the residents. They all talk about her kind, sweet spirit. Katie was inspired to get into senior care by her mom — a former Rosewood employee. She grew up visiting nursing homes and senior living homes, and has always “had a heart for seniors.” She is 21 years old, and working to become an LPN with plans of eventually becoming a hospice nurse. Katie loves to hike or do anything outdoors. She is highly motivated, and excited for her future. We are so grateful to have Katie as a part of our Rosewood team. Thank you for all you do to care for our residents!