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Regardless of age or physical status, anyone can reap the benefits of exercise. Fun fact: exercise helps your cognitive health too! Staying active at one of our Regency senior communities encourages mobility and elevates energy levels too. Alzheimer’s care homes, retirement homes and senior communities like ours have many opportunities to help you or a loved one get active. Here are our recommendations for ways to stay fit to promote memory care.

Stay balanced and upright to prevent falls.

Maintaining a good balance is critical for preventing falls and the complications that come with them. In our Regency living communities, you can participate in classes that help boost balance, be sure to check the monthly event calendar! You also can ask for guidance from one of our staff members as you perform individual exercises, including:

  • Side leg raises performed while holding onto a chair.
  • Standing and sitting without using your hands or arms.
  • Walking heel-to-toe by placing your heel right in front of your toes on the other foot as you take steps.

A happy brain working out. memory care

Stretching your body and mind daily helps memory care!

Joint mobility weakens as we age, it’s just a part of life, but by stretching we can promote flexibility and maintain our range of motion. Some Regency residents like to practice Pilates, yoga or dancing.

Properly warming up before stretching is incredibly important, and be sure to check in with a staff member to avoid injury when starting a new exercise routine. Getting your heart rate up on a regular basis also makes everyday activities easier, helping you maintain your independence.

Invest in a good pair of shoes.

Try to find a pair that puts safety first! Look for walking or running shoes with rounded toes, different sizes according to width, and light but soft cushioning. Shoes for a retirement home or Alzheimer’s care home should accommodate some of the changes that occur in your feet as you get older (widening, loss of natural cushioning, etc.).

Health experts recommend at least half an hour of moderate-intensity activity every day. In your Regency assisted living community, you could go for a walk, dance and engage in scheduled events to get your heart pumping! If you’re just getting started, take it slow, and ask for help if you need it.

Staying active helps your memory care!

A combination of exercises focusing on stretching, balance, and cardio can keep your range of movement, prevent accidents, and even reduce mental fatigue. Assisted living communities like ours feature a variety of fitness activities that can help you maintain and even improve your balance, flexibility, strength and memory care. Take these tips to heart, and make an effort to stay fit for your memory care.

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