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Tonya has been at Rosewood for about four years. She is a Caregiver and Medtech. She is responsible for passing out medicines, making sure medicines are in stock, communicating with families about residents’ medical conditions as needed, as well as assisting residents with daily tasks.

Tonya got into caregiving because of her passion and connection with the elderly. She had a heart for the elderly from a young age, her mom, a nurse, take care of the elderly. When she isn’t at The Rosewood, you can find her at home hanging out with her family. She has three children and nine grandchildren, one of which lives with her.

We chose Tonya as our Employee of the Month because of her exceptional work ethic, her attention to detail, and her servant’s heart. She is always making sure her residents have the best care. She is an advocate for them and goes beyond the call of duty. The residents adore her, and rightfully so. She is well-liked by other employees and always willing to lend a helping hand as needed. We are so grateful and so blessed to have Tonya as a part of the Rosewood family. Congratulations Tonya! You deserve it!