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Martha is a caregiver on our Assisted Living Floor. She helps residents get dressed, bathed, to and from meals and anything else that might come up. She has been working with us for six years! She started in our Personal Care unit, moved to Housekeeping, and then decided to try out Assisted Living.

She started caregiving in 2013 and realized that this was her passion and calling. She says she can’t see herself doing anything different.

We chose her as the Employee of the Month because of her compassionate heart and loyalty. She treats all of the residents with love and respect, as well as her coworkers. She has a humble attitude but she is tough enough to get the job done! She never lets the residents know if she is having a hard day, she is truly a remarkable woman.

When she isn’t here she is at home with her husband, children, and grandbabies. She recently celebrated her 23rd wedding anniversary! She is so proud of her children and adores her grandbabies. She is constantly giving and doing for others, and that is what makes her happy.

Martha, you are a great man and a great employee, we are blessed to have you as a part of our Rosewood family! Congratulations!