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blog4Travel has never been easier than when you live in a retirement community. You know everything at home will be well taken care of while you are gone, and you can have peace of mind during your trip. There’s also no better time to travel than when you are retired—with a freer schedule, senior discounts, and plenty of independence, this is your moment to see the world. We have a few tips to have the most fun:

· Pack extra items like hearing aid batteries, insulin syringes, camera batteries, and any over the counter or prescription medications you take regularly. In a pinch you can find these overseas or in different parts of the country, but you might run into different brand names or dosages, especially outside the US. Taking extras and keeping everything in your carry on will reduce the chance of confusion.

· Research the trip you’re planning yourself. Travel agents can be very helpful, especially if you need extra accommodation for a disability or another reason. However, you can often find good deals on your own with a little internet research. AARP and AAA can be great resources that will also help you avoid scams. Try sites like Kayak or Groupon as well to put all the pieces of your trip together or pick up a great deal.

· Have fun customizing your trip. Even if you are going on a guided, contained tour there is often free time you can use to pursue more specific interests. Tour guides may be willing to take their party’s interests in account and add in the occasional detour.  No matter what form of trip you are taking, make it your own.

· Plan in time to recover. That doesn’t mean staying at the hotel to rest, but if you are spending all day on your feet in a museum, consider using the next day to take a ferry to the next destination or touring by double-decker bus.

· Don’t forget the electronics! You’ll want to make sure your camera memory card is cleared off beforehand, and that you have the charger, cable to connect it to a computer, laptop charger, cellphone charger, and more. Store everything together in a Ziploc bag to protect from moisture and getting tangled or misplaced.

It’s so much easier to plan ahead for a fabulous trip when your everyday life is already simplified by a reliable retirement community. Senior housing makes it easy to do what you want by taking the load off your day-to-day routine. That confidence can make for an amazing travel experience, knowing that everything at home is in good hands and ready for your return. So go on—have an amazing getaway!