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11028621 - young and senior holding hands over autumn leaves“Seniors may have a preconceived notion that assisted living is going to be a cold, hospital- like setting, but when they visit, they quickly realize that living at Rosewood is simply having an apartment, except there is help available to do things like housekeeping, laundry and remembering to take their medications. Residents are free to come and go, and they enjoy delicious meals in a social dining area, along with planned activities,” Jeff Clay, VP of Business Development stated.

While it can be a difficult subject to approach and an even more challenging decision, assisted living communities provide a sense of peace and security for both seniors and family. However, when many seniors move into our community we often hear that they should have made the move sooner.

It is common for seniors to feel a sense of nervousness and anxiety when preparing for the transition. Just as an undergraduate feels homesick when off at college, seniors too, can feel uneasy and homesick after leaving the familiarity of home. While an aging senior may be adamant about remaining independent in their home, it is important to discuss and encourage assisted living options before medical conditions or worsening health demand a move. Transitioning to an assisted living community may be made worse in times of chaos, especially when loved ones are suffering from dementia or the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Assisted living is a stark contrast to nursing homes whose focus is on skilled medical care. At Rosewood Senior Living Fort Oglethorpe, we balance your desire for independence and social interaction with peace of mind and available care that can enhance your well-being.

Age and mobility can limit the social interaction and activity levels for seniors. At Rosewood, we have planned events, activities and outings to keep seniors engaged and active. Upon arriving at Rosewood, we meet with new residents and their families to better understand their interests and preferences. Moving to an assisted living community doesn’t mean that seniors have given up their social lives, in fact it enhances and grows their social circles.

When cooking and cleaning become too demanding and the need for assistance becomes more vital, Rosewood’s assisted living program is here to help. We also offer short term stays to allow seniors the opportunity to “try out” assisted living before making the commitment to sell their house and move. In a few weeks, seniors and families will be able to tell if assisted living it the proper fit.

When selecting an assisted living community, evaluate factors such as services, activities and location before making your decision. Allow seniors to play a role in the process can help to ensure they find a place that they will feel comfortable living.

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