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We wanted to dedicate this month’s blog to recognizing one of the key reasons why seniors love moving to Rosewood of Fort Oglethorpe: The Chattanooga assisted living volunteers who give their time to enhance our lives.

Shirley Irwin, Ted Turner, Marilyn Abney, and Sylvia Graves, in particular, give selflessly of their time and deserve a moment of praise!

“The Life Enrichment Department is so fortunate to have our dedicated volunteers to come along beside us to provide all our residents with a rich and active program,” said Sharon Shedrick, the Life Enrichment Director at Rosewood of Fort Oglethorpe.

“There are so many days when we just need a helping hand, a kind word of encouragement or just a warm smile. Then a moment of time flashes and Shirley, Ted, Marylyn, and Sylvia just walk through the door, and you know your day just got better. The volunteers are the backbone of many of our programs.”

Chattanooga assisted living volunteers enrich the lives of the residents at the Rosewood in so many ways!

Sylvia Graves

One of our great volunteers at Rosewood of Fort Oglethorpe is Sylvia Graves, who shares weekly creative craft ideas with the residents and has been doing so for about a year and a half.

“She is very energetic and talented,” Shedrick said. “Sylvia has also been instrumental in recruiting other volunteers. I am so delighted that she is on Team Rosewood! We are looking forward to continuing our partnership for success! It has truly been a blessing in countless ways while serving with her, and I am delighted that Sylvia is on Team Life Enrichment.

“The love that Sylvia has for people and the vineyard that God has given her to water is very evident that it’s the perfect one. Our residents, as well as myself, have truly been blessed by her service and dedication. But not only does she serve us here, but she has also served at WMBW-Moody Broadcasting before it burned in a fire. She reaches out to many others to continue the work of her husband as a Shepherd’s Wife.”

She was married to her late husband Pastor Art for 54 years. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

Marilyn Abney

Marilyn started volunteering in our Memory Care Unit three years ago with a group of friends. She comes every Saturday to do crafts, serve popcorn and cokes, talk, laugh, and just hang out to have fun with our residents.

Marilyn was married to her late husband James for 42 years. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She and her family live in North Georgia. She is a die-hard University of Kentucky Wildcats Fan. Marilyn’s background in teaching autistic school-aged children in a Montessori-inspired environment has been very beneficial in her volunteer time spent in Memory Care.

Shirley Irwin

Shirley moved to Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. from Maryville, Tenn. a few years ago. She found being at home was boring and began praying about having something to do. She didn’t know anyone and decided that she would like to volunteer. She became friends with a neighbor whose mother lived at Rosewood. She later contacted Rosewood and connected with the Life Enrichment Department.

Shirley started volunteering 6 months ago. She comes every Friday to call Bingo and to do Home Visits in Assisted Living.

“It’s often far after the lunch hour, and I glance in the dining room and who do I see? Shirley having lunch and spending time with a resident who would otherwise be in their room having lunch alone,” Shedrick said.

When she isn’t volunteering, Shirley is probably home with her husband of 25 years, Lance, enjoying time spent with their two children and one grandchild.

Ted Turner

Not to be mistaken for the TV mogul once married to Jane Fonda, our Ted Turner is no less special!
Shedrick said that for months she asked God to bring our community a Godly man to minister to Rosewood’s men.

“One day I was standing in the front lobby, and Ted walked in and introduced himself. He was an answered prayer. I almost fell through the concrete floor, carpet and all,” Shedrick joked.
His experience as a disabled Army veteran has given Ted something in common with a lot of the male residents as a member of Rosewood’s Life Enrichment Volunteer Team. Shedrick said she can see positive changes in the men based on his interactions with them.

“Ted visits all of them each Monday, and weekly activity on Wednesdays. He came to Family Night to meet and greet families and stayed late to help clean-up. God has really smiled on the Life Enrichment Department by sending Ted for our male residents. Ted is reaching and connecting with the men and planning great activities for the coming months,” she said

Ted extends his ministry beyond Rockbridge Community Church, where he attends with his wife of 5 years, Shannon. The couple has 5 children.

Thank you to Volunteers, past, present, and future!

These four volunteers represent a real blessing from God. There are others who also give of their time and deserve our gratitude; we will always try to remember to tell them we appreciate their time and efforts to improve the lives of others.

We look forward to time spent with them, as well as the new faces who will feel it in their hearts to give to our community and enjoy the rewards of fellowship with the residents and staff of Rosewood of Fort Oglethorpe.

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