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Find the Best Fit for You or Your Family Member

Choosing a home is such a big decision, and even more so when you’re choosing an assisted living community for yourself or for a loved one. There are many factors to consider when narrowing down the options, and many things to think through to ensure the community chosen is a good fit for you or the senior in your life. You want to ensure they have everything they could need, as well as a great environment in which they can thrive and enjoy their days– especially when you can’t be around all the time. You’ll need a place that works with your budget for cost of living, and meets a list of other factors important to you or your family member.

Location is Everything

First you’ll want to find an assisted living community in the best location for you or for the senior in your life. It’s important to be near family so sweet visits can be frequent, and to find a community in a part of town that’s both pleasant and has easy access to shops and restaurants for picking up necessary items from time to time, and for diverting outings to keep the days fun.

What Amenities are Available?

When deciding on an assisted living community for you or your senior, you’ll want to ensure the community is up to your standards with amenities. Make sure your loved one will feel perfectly at home in the space, and have everything he or she could need. Things you will want to pay attention to amenity-wise might include access to appliances for cooking, cleaning, and laundry, outdoor recreation spaces, beauty and barber shop on-site, secure entry, transportation to appointments and events, chef-prepared meals, 24-hour emergency response system, and staff to help provide assistance when needed.

Services Provided

Of course, when you select an assisted living community, you’ll need to be certain it offers all the services you or your loved one needs access to or would like to be able to take advantage of if necessary. Does the community offer services you’re looking for? Such as:

  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Short-Term Stays
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Memory Care

Making sure the Chattanooga assisted living community you choose offers a full scope of resident care is important, especially since our needs change and evolve over time.

Memory Care for Those Who Need It

Memory care assistance for those who require it is also an important part of assisted living community care. If you or your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s Disease or any other memory-related disorders, it’s crucial that access to the care and resources necessary is available to manage those conditions. A safe and encouraging environment that also offers day-to-day activities to enrich the time can go a long way in making residents feel supported, comfortable, and joyful.

Culture & Atmosphere

The right environment is imperative. Think about the time and effort you put toward creating a home that’s a haven, a restful place where you can feel safe and comfortable. You’ll want to do your best to recreate that wherever you go, assisted living facilities included.

So for you or your senior family member, make sure you take note of the overall environment at the assisted living community you’re evaluating. What is the overall environment like? Do people seem happy there? Does the staff seem warm and accommodating? Peruse the events calendar as well! Are there lots of scheduled trips and interactive on-site events to keep you/your loved one occupied, engaged, and social? The benefits of being socially engaged are amazing, and you’ll want to make sure that is a big part of the culture at the community you ultimately decide on.

From location to environment to services available, there is so much to consider when selecting a Chattanooga assisted living community. We hope this list proves helpful for you as you sort through the ins and outs of the search, and we hope you’ll consider The Rosewood at Fort Oglethorpe as an option for your next home, or home of your senior family member.