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Responsible for coordination and supervision of the total nursing activities in his/her designated area during the assigned tour of duty. Resident assistants assigned to the designated area are responsible for this individual. In the absence of the Administrator and the Director of Health Services, this individual is in charge of community operations.

  1. Graduation from an accredited school of professional nursing.
  2. Currently licensed in good standing with the state licensing agency.
  3. Experience in the care of older adults is desirable.
  4. Must be able to:
    • Suggest changes for improvements in resident care.
    • Set priorities and organize assigned unit workflow.
    • Make decisions necessary to maintain efficient assigned unit functioning.
    • Communicate effectively and maintain good working relations with personnel in all community departments, other health-related individuals, and community agency personnel.
  5. Must be willing to:
    • Keep abreast of new trends in nursing by reading current journals and publications related to the care of older adults.
    • Attend professional meetings, workshops, and conferences on assisted living issues, as approved or requested by the supervisor.
  1. Report to work on time when scheduled.
  2. Make regular rounds of the assigned work area to ascertain the condition of all residents.
  3. Report all pertinent resident issues to the charge nurse responsible for residents in the designated area on the next tour of duty.
  4. Supervise the care of residents in his/her designated area; visit each resident to evaluate his/her immediate physical, psychosocial, and nutritional condition; listen to resident comments relating to his/her needs and problems, and implement required nursing interventions.
  5. Review resident health records to determine appropriate interventions necessary.
  6. Care for assigned residents requiring his/her special skills and experience.
  7. Notify the physician of resident status changes via telephone or facsimile machine; assist the physician with clinical visitation rounds.
  8. Inform the resident, family member(s), or guardian of changes in the resident’s condition.
  9. Accurately transcribe and implement physicians’ orders; prepare and pass medications; complete treatments as ordered.
  10. Complete required documentation in an accurate, legible, and timely manner in accordance with professional standards of nursing practice and state regulation.
  11. Contact pharmacies to obtain prescriptions and refills in accordance with physicians’ orders. Restock medication and treatment carts; maintain carts in a sanitary condition.
  12. Count and check all narcotics at the beginning and end of each shift.
  13. Execute the destruction of outdated and discontinued medications per community policy.
  14. Assist with transport of residents to dining areas, and with the preparation of any special food or fluid needs, i.e. cutting meat, supplements, etc.
  15. Review designated Resident Assistant charting and completion of assigned duties.
  16. Inform the Director of Health Services of significant resident status changes and other related matters through written reports and/or verbal communication.
  17. Delegate responsibility to Resident Assistants through work assignments for personal care of specific residents and other general duties during his/her tour of duty. Authorize meal break, rest breaks, or changes in scheduled working hours for the same.
  18. Assist in assessing the level and number of personnel assigned to each designated area; make recommendations regarding such personnel where indicated for better resident care and utilization of the same.
  19. Inform the Director of Health Services of pertinent nursing personnel matters and other supervisory issues through written reports and/or verbal communications.
  20. Thoroughly investigate and document all employee, resident, or visitor incidents or accidents and all medication errors.
  21. Be courteous and respectful to residents, families, visitors, and co-workers. Address residents by their preferred names. Respond to resident/family concerns regarding care when appropriate, or refer to the responsible administrative person.
  22. Be thoroughly familiar with all community policies and procedures; implement them as written.
  23. Keep other departments informed of the special needs of residents; coordinate the care and services with other disciplines.
  24. Continuously observe the environment for conditions of cleanliness, sanitation, safety, and overall appearance, and report any adverse findings to the appropriate staff member for further action.
  25. Participate in in-service education and staff orientation.
  26. Attend professional meetings and seminars as dictated by community needs and prepare a summary of such programs.
  27. Participate in community committees, i.e. Infection Control, Quality Assessment, and Improvement, as requested per the Director of Health Services.
  28. Perform other duties as dictated by resident care needs or as requested per the Director of Health Services to assure the optimum quality of resident care is delivered.

Applicants need to apply to Jackie Holmes via email at [email protected]