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2020 — Employee of the Year

Nurses understand, plan, encourage, wipe tears, heal, bandage, teach, hold hands, laugh, listen, comfort, monitor, respond, and care, all without a prescription. Faye is one of our wonderful nurses in the Memory Care unit. She has been a nurse at Rosewood since 2016, and she constantly shows how much she genuinely cares about our residents. Her expertise in the field has added great judgment of clinical care, which has been beneficial to our community and the hospice and home health nurses who enter the community. She has proven her commitment to service time and time again, and is faithful, providing communication reports to all parties necessary. Faye has trained many nurses over the years, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for her. Medication management is extremely important, but so is comfort care provided to our aging residents. Such as when Faye brings her curling iron and scissors to style a resident’s hair or when she brings snacks from home because she knows how happy it will make a resident. Faye recognizes that music lifted the spirits of memory care residents, and realized we did not have any musical instruments in the department. As such, Faye and her husband donated an electric piano that is played frequently to the delight of our residents and families. Faye, the entire team respects and applauds you for your commitment and servant leadership!