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10 Reasons Regency is the Best

Chattanooga senior communitiesMaking the move to a Chattanooga senior community may seem like a hard transition, but here at Regency, our entire team of staff members – as well as our residents – work to make it a smooth one for all new residents. The truth is, there are so many incredible benefits that come along with senior communities, and so many fun things to look forward to for each newcomer. Here are our top ten reasons why Regency, our Chattanooga senior community, is the absolute best place for seniors.

1 – A Sense of Community

Community is so important. Human connection is one of the things that keeps us going, keeps us strong, and lightens the load of life’s burdens. Good times and laughter are sweeter when shared, and in the same way, hard times are easier when you have good people in your life who care enough to go through them by your side. At Regency, we put a lot of effort into cultivating an encouraging community environment where everyone feels secure, cared for, and important.

2 – Like-Home Atmosphere

Home provides us with security, control, belonging, and identity, as well as privacy. At Regency, we strive to make our senior community a home. This isn’t just a care facility, this is a place where people carry out their beautiful lives and enjoy their days. It’s not merely a place to live, it’s a home.

3 – Good Friends

Another reason senior communities are the best is the friendships you’ll make! Friends make life so much better, at any and every stage. Regency serves as the setting in which many amazing friendships bloom, and it is truly an amazing thing to watch. Everything’s better with a friend by your side.

4 – Activities All the Time

We keep our calendar full! Life should be fun, and at Regency, we work to ensure there is no shortage of fun activities for residents to participate in when they choose to. From celebrating special holidays and birthdays to on-site concerts, workout classes, and crafts, there is always something entertaining going on here to keep residents busy and engaged.

5 – Great Amenities

The amenities at our Regency communities are top-notch, and we know that adds to the experience for our senior residents. Our community features outdoor recreation areas, an on-site beauty and barber salons, transportation to and from appointments and errands, included utilities, chef-prepared meals, and more.

6 – Pet-Friendly

We love pets! Pets can add so much to our lives, and it’s believed they can enhance health too. That’s why we allow pets at our senior communities. If having a pet of your own on-site is a little too much responsibility, we also have pet therapy available. At the end of the day, we believe in the power of pets to elevate the human condition.

Huntsville Senior Communities7 – BINGO

Playing isn’t just for kids! At Regency, we think fun and play should be a part of our everyday lives regardless of age. Being social also has so many benefits for seniors, and BINGO is a great way to interact with others, engage, and have a great time.

8 – Outings & Events

In addition to on-site fun and social activities, we also schedule regular outings for our residents. We go out to eat at restaurants, visit fun places, and get out and about for a nice, healthy change of scenery. We keep various off-site options open for our residents who enjoy leaving the community from time to time.

9 – Christian Environment

Our Christian values drive everything we do here at our senior community, and we think that’s something special. We seek always to provide care with compassion, and to lift each other up however we can every day. Our mindset and hearts make all the difference.

10 – The Best Care

Our Regency teams put their passion behind providing incredible care for residents and treating them like family. This is important to us, and we know it makes a difference for the residents and their families as well. There is a sense of peace that comes with knowing your loved one is in an environment that prioritizes their care in every way.

Interested in learning more about our Chattanooga senior community? Contact us today to set up a tour. We would love to show you and your loved one firsthand what makes our company and communities so special.