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August was an exciting month at Rosewood. We had lots of fun, learned together, and laughed together. Every Monday, we enjoyed our Arts Hour, which gives our residents the opportunity to expand their artistic abilities and fine motor skills. We are looking forward to putting on an art show on September 18th to showcase the residents’ work.

Every Tuesday, we have enjoyed the cooking club. Residents get to try new things, and get a sense of independence as we make tasty creations. The favorite food this past month was mini-pizzas. Residents got to work the dough, and pick their own toppings.

Every Wednesday, we have been learning various card games including Black Jack and Poker. The residents have enjoyed the opportunity to socialize and reminisce as they re-learn games they played with family and friends in days past.

Thursday’s big event was Music Therapy. Residents enjoyed learning rhythm and exercising as we “played the drums” on Yoga balls. We also swapped stories of dances, love, and how music has helped us through different times in our lives.

Every Friday, we had Tech Time, where we learned how to work cellphones, computers, and tablets. Our goal is to teach those who want to learn, so that they can better connect with loved ones. If you have any old tablets or laptops you would like to donate, please contact Amber Jordan, Life Enrichment Director.

We are also continuing to have a daily devotion, singing hymns and sharing Bible verses or testimonies. We have a church service every Sunday at 2:00pm in the Dining Hall. In Memory Care, we have started daily small groups doing various types of activities (i.e. art, brain games, outdoor exploration), in order to provide individual enrichment to our residents based on their cognitive and physical abilities, as well as their personal interests.

We have continued to do daily exercise as well, and the residents love to play beach ball volleyball. As we end one month and start another, I hope and pray that the next is even better than the last! Feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions for activities. I would love to see more volunteers as well.

—Amber Jordan