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November was a good month. With the leaves changing, the weather getting cooler, and the holiday season starting, there is a buzz of excitement around the building. We have had more great staff join our team, new clubs, and fun activities in November. Residents enjoyed a special trip up Lookout Mountain to see the fall foliage. We sang songs, and enjoyed great conversation. Many residents have lived in the area for decades, but were still amazed at the beauty of the fall colors.

Some of our favorite special events included a trip to the International Towing Museum, our monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast, as well as “Friendsgiving.” For Friendsgiving, residents brought or we acquired their favorite snacks to share with others. We sat around drinking eggnog or apple cider while we ate and chatted about our favorite holiday traditions. Some favorites included watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and gathering with family to cook, eat, laugh, nap, and, ahem…watch football.

The Chattanooga Zoo is now coming every month to share about an animal with us. This month it was a chinchilla! He was so fluffy and soft. Sadly, we were told we couldn’t keep him.

For Veterans Day, Chaplain James, US Air Force veteran, came and gave a special devotion and presentation for our veterans. He sang patriotic hymns, and each veteran and wife or widow of a veteran got a special pendant. He even went to our bedridden veterans’ rooms to give them a special pendant.

We also started clubs this month so that residents could get to know each other on a deeper level, and have activities on the weekends. So far, we have a book club, poker club (any card games), and a combined puzzle/ paint by number club!

Residents continued to enjoy our various other activities including art projects, devotions, Cooking Club, and exercise.