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Mickey was born in Canada but moved to Washington state as a young girl. She spent her younger days playing in the woods with her brother and friends. As she got older she hung out in the tavern that her parents owned.

She met her husband, Norman, in Washington at a USO Dance. His ship was being decommissioned after fighting in the Korean war. They fell in love, got married and he got a job with the railroad down in Atlanta. They made the drive down to Georgia in their “Forty Ford.” Just like her parents, Mickey was a hard worker, as was her husband.

She was a secretary for the ATF and the Federal Aviation Administration. Norman and Mickey had three kids, two boys and one girl. They have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other family members all across the United States.

Mickey is a phenomenal cook and baker, her husband grew the food and Mickey cooked it. She was a ceramic master and even owns a kiln! Mickey also enjoys knitting and crocheting. She’s very intelligent and quick-witted.

We chose to do a spotlight on Mickey because of her go-getter attitude. She is always on the move and always willing to help with special projects. She cares deeply about the other residents around her and it’s not uncommon to see her giving one of her signature backrubs. We are so blessed to have Mickey as a part of our Rosewood family. Thank you, Mickey!