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Miss Joyce has been at Rosewood for about nine months. A Chattanooga native, she was born on April 7th. As a young girl, she was a “tomboy” and loved to play outside and climb trees. So much so that her dad had to cut one down to keep her out of it! She graduated from Northside City High School where she discovered her love for cooking in her Home Economics class. She spent a year at the University of Tennessee, during that time she met her husband, Frank, who was her milkman! She ended up pregnant with her first boy and decided to stay home and take care of her family.

Throughout the years she developed her talent and love for cooking and baking, and was involved throughout her community. She loves children which led her to be a Troop Leader in the Girl Scouts, despite having two boys. She is everything a mom should be. Kind, compassionate yet firm, funny, encouraging and gives great hugs. Her boys say “she would catch them before they even fell.”

Sadly her husband passed away and she became a single mom. She says her “baby boys” are what kept her going through the hard times and that she loves being a mom. She also owns a 38-year-old African gray parrot that knows over 50 phrases and a beautiful dog that she considers family.

We chose her as the Resident of the Month because of her kindness and quick wit. Despite many obstacles, she always makes it a point to make others laugh and feel good about themselves. She is beautiful, funny, and headstrong. She never gives up on anything. She is an incredible mom and an incredible friend. We are so blessed to have her as a part of the Rosewood family. We love you, Joyce!