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Mrs. Margaret has lived at Rosewood for about six months now. Although she hasn’t been here long, she has jumped right into activities and is as social as possible.

She is 84 years old and spent the majority of her life teaching elementary and middle school. She has her Bachelor’s Degree from Tennessee Wesleyan University as well as a Master’s and Professional Degree from the University of Georgia. Her favorite subject to teach was language arts and environmental education.

She and her husband Bob were married for 55 years and had 4 children together: Tony, Susan, Stephen, and Pam. She is incredibly proud of all of her children and their spouses.

She enjoys spending time studying genealogy, spending time with family, and playing Rook three times a week with our Rook Club. Margaret is a constant smiling face and a friend to all. Margaret, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and resident here at Rosewood!