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This Month’s resident spotlight is Marjorie “Granny” Robinson, who has lived at Rosewood for four years. This 108-year-old, who many at Rosewood affectionately call “Granny,” has had a life full of love, laughter, and family. Marjorie was born in Andersonville, Georgia. Losing her mother at the young age of nine, Marjorie would wake up from then on to prepare 90 biscuits each day for the family and farm workers.

Hard work is something Marjorie never shied away from. As an adult, she was a busy homemaker who enjoyed sewing, going to church, and tending to beautiful flowers in her garden, all while raising three children — two daughters and one late son. Marjorie is also blessed with six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

At Rosewood, Marjorie enjoys interacting with others and having company over, and she is a big fan of our balloon toss activity! Marjorie loves to admire beautiful things, like a nice fabric or flowers. Show her your tattoos, and she’ll probably say, “Beautiful! Just beautiful!” When talking to Marjorie, it’s clear she is an encouraging person with a lot of love to give. Thank you, Marjorie, for being our “Granny,” and someone we can count on to make our days a little sweeter.