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Rosewood - Upcoming Events July 2023

National Summer Trivia Day

July 6th at 1:30 pm

Life Enrichment will be having summer trivia at 1:30 pm for all you trivia lovers. We will have several topics related to summer, so get ready to test those brains! Trivia is a great way to exercise our brain function and cognitive abilities.

Men’s Activities

July 14th at 10:30 am

At 10:30 am, we will have a collector car activity where we will watch and learn about collector cars. Then, at 1:30 pm, we will reminisce about some of our favorite hobbies. Men, gather up your best Rosewood friend and bring him with you!

Rosewood Market

July 17th at 1:00 pm

This is your time to spend those beloved Rosewood Rubies that you earn playing BINGO and other activities. There is a wide selection ranging from household items and snacks to personal care and crafts. Make every effort to come, especially if you have Rubies to spend!

What’s Cooking Wednesday

July 19th

We will have activities all day centered around our theme, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame!” The day will begin with Babe Ruth History, we will eat chili dogs and all the fixings for lunch, watch Angels in the Outfield, and will end the day with Ballgame BINGO!

Resident Council

July 25th at 3:30 pm

We will be having our monthly Resident Council meeting on the 25th in the Discovery Center right after we finish BINGO. This is your time to address any concerns with the various departments in our building, except dining (that is for the Food Council). We would like to encourage our new residents to attend this month. Come join us!

Food Council

July 27th at 1:30 pm

We will be having our monthly Food Council meeting on the 27th in the Discovery Center. This is your time to address any concerns you may have with food and/or dining. We would like to encourage our new residents, who have moved in since last month’s meeting, to attend this month. Come join Conrad (Food Service Director) and the rest of the group!

Birthday Party

July 31st at 3:30 pm

Join us for our monthly birthday celebration. Birthdays are worth celebrating, and we definitely do that here at Rosewood! Come to the Discovery Center, and let’s celebrate those July birthdays together!