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Our resident spotlight for September is William “Connie” Pharr. Connie, as he prefers to be addressed, has lived here at Rosewood for almost six weeks. In this time he has acclimated quite well to our community, met many friends, offered a kind smile, invited others to activities, and has also helped new residents get adjusted.

Connie worked as a parts manager at a Chrysler dealership for over 50 years. He is a veteran who served in the Army for two years. Connie is a former baseball and football player who now enjoys a mean game of BINGO. Connie was married to his wife Velma for 71 years and they share four children, five grandkids and seven great- grandkids. Some of his favorite things include filet mignon, cherries and popcorn.

Here at Rosewood, Connie enjoys playing cards with his friends. When asked what he enjoys most about living here, Connie said, “I love everything from the food to the residents, as well as the staff .” Connie, thank you for your interest in things going on in your community and always being a help to others!