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Our resident spotlight for this month is Poppy. He has lived in our community since June of this year. In just this brief time he has really made a difference. He is always found with a big smile and a wonderful, welcoming attitude. He has joined right in with our card playing groups and so much more. He is a regular BINGO player and has even offered to execute a Saturday BINGO if needed.

Poppy, as he is loving called, worked in the railroad industry: first in the railroad yard and then in sales/ marketing. He said when he was marketing, he was sent many places including St. Louis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia. Lastly, he was sent to Chattanooga as a District Manager in 1965 and never left. He is also a Certified Member of the Society of Traffic & Transportation.

Poppy and his wife Joan were married for 54 years and shared four children, ten grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren. He stated with immense pride how much he loves his kids and grandkids. His interests include his time spent competing in the Senior Olympics from 1965 to 1985. He participated in over eleven sports in total and won many state golds for badminton and table tennis. He also won a national award for badminton.

He enjoys visiting with people and playing cards, as well as BINGO. He said what he loves most about living at Rosewood is the camaraderie. Poppy lives by the motto “People won’t always remember what you did, but how you made them feel.” Poppy, we couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your positive attitude and inclusion of others. Congratulations!